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Autoimmune Dysfunction and Chronic Infection 9/26

September 26, 2022 5:30 pm (MDT)

Clarity Principle for Clinical Mastery 9/27

September 27, 2022 5:30 pm (MDT)

Addressing Parasites in your Clients: Lyme, PANS/PANDAS 9/29

September 29, 2022 1:00 pm (MDT)

Mentorship Group-Neuroinflammation and Brain Fog 9/30

September 30, 2022 12:00 pm (MDT)

How to Recognize and Address Emotional Disorders Related to Lyme and Co-Infections 10/3

October 3, 2022 5:30 pm (MDT)

Infertility, Anxiety and Mental Health 10/4

October 4, 2022 6:30 pm (MDT)

ACEs - 10/6

October 6, 2022 1:00 pm (MDT)

Website Basics For New Accounts 10/7

October 7, 2022 12:00 pm (MDT)

Neuro Emotional Technique and Persistent Infection 10/10

October 10, 2022 5:30 pm (MDT)

The Role of Homeopathy in Mental Health 10/11

October 11, 2022 5:30 pm (MDT)

Dr. Angie will offer some clinical wisdom as it relates to Autoimmune Dysfunction, Lyme and chronic infections. Attendees will then be able to ask questions and offer guidance Lyme Expert Forums are an online collaborative learning experience for healthcare practitioners. Taught by leading Lyme experts from across the country, this is an opportunity to learn, brainstorm, and ask clinical questions. Not recorded.

Join me as you develop the skills to gain Clarity on our Roles, our business Goals and cultivate a profitable clinic. I have extracted one of our Guiding Principles from our Clinical Mastery Mentorship. All your certifications and designation mean very little if you lack the Clarity to know HOW to pull it all together. DITCH the burn out and Join in on the Clarity Principle.

Kristy Robinson, Nutritionist, IHP, FDN- Addressing Parasites in your Clients: Lyme, PANS/PANDAS Practitioner Expert Forums are your opportunity to learn from the expert and brainstorm with your peers on the topics that matter most. Bring your case studies, questions, and clinical pearls to share!

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