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Our Unique Approach

DesBio provides practitioners with tools to harness the synergy between the three pillars of integrative medicine: homeopathics, nutritionals, and botanicals. With over 400 products in our inventory, our protocols offer professional solutions for specialized detoxification, pathogens and chronic infections, hormone balance, emotional health, and weight management.

Patient Direct Ordering

DesBio understands how important it is for you to focus on your patients and their needs, which is why we offer DBscript (patient direct ordering). DBscript is a professional online dispensary available exclusively to all DesBio practitioners. You’ll save time and reduce inventory, investment, and management, by simply inviting your patients to use DBscript. 

Online Events

Every week at DesBio we offer free online training and educational programs that focus on diagnostic strategies, clinical how-to’s, case studies, and troubleshooting tips to help you manage the increasingly complex needs of your patient base. From Lyme Expert Forums to Business Strategies, we are confident that our exclusive online events will become part of your weekly routine.


 A Partner in Your Practice


With chronic health conditions at nearly epidemic levels, DesBio understands the growing demand for skilled holistic providers. We are more than just a product company, we are a partner in your practice. Our practitioners have direct access to consults with our team of medical educators.  Our training and educational programs focus on diagnostic strategies, clinical how to’s, case studies, and troubleshooting tips to help you manage the increasingly complex needs of your patient base.



OUR Commitment to Quality

Quality measures are taken in each step of the manufacturing process. every ingredient is tested for identity, purity, strength and composition.
All supplements are formulated in collaboration with naturopathic physicians and nutritionists and manufactured under cGMP guidelines.
Our homeopathics are hand succussed. There is never any imprinting in the process of creating our formulas.
Our homeopathic formulas have been formulated by Homeopathic Medical doctors who have created optimal formulas for temporary symptom relief.

OUR Commitment to Quality

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