Upcoming Online Events

DesBio webinars and integrative health updates are a great way to expand your clinical tool kit from your home or office. Look for short mid-day Integrative Health Updates scheduled throughout the week as well as our regular Tuesday evening webinar presentations. Online Events are taught by DesBio Medical Educators as well as DesBio Practitioners throughout the country.

Register for our Upcoming Solutions for Adrenal Fatigue Webinar September 15

Register for our Upcoming Clinical Significance of MTHFR Polymorphisms Webinar September 17

Register for our Upcoming SNP Breakdown Webinar September 24

Register for our Upcoming Homeopathy and Mental Health Webinar September 29


Upcoming Mentorship Groups

DesBio Practitioner Mentorship groups were designed to provide ongoing support to DesBio healthcare providers. Attendees will further develop their skills as a practitioner, receive advice and guidance, brainstorm on challenging clinical case studies, and form lasting and relationships within their industry.

Register for our Upcoming Mentorship Group with Karen Connolly, CN September 18

Register for our Upcoming Mentorship Group with Dr. Patty Barber September 23


Upcoming Discussion Forums

Practitioner Expert Forums are discussion panels lead by one of our leading medical educators. Limited to 20 attendees, this is your opportunity to ask questions, present case studies, and brainstorm your complex cases with other skilled providers. Come prepared to learn, listen, and contribute to the discussion.

Register for our Upcoming New Customer Discussion Forum with Karen Connolly September 17

Register for our Upcoming Lyme Discussion Forum with Dr. Maegan Stanga September 21

Register for our Upcoming Lyme Discussion Forum with Dr. Daniel Schilling September 28


Upcoming DesBio Seminars

DesBio provides a variety of one-day conferences and multi-day symposia for licensed and/or certified healthcare practitioners. Experienced clinicians from around the country discuss diagnostic strategies, case studies, and break-through support protocols; providing you with a practical approach you can take home to your practice.

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