Upcoming Online Events

DesBio webinars and integrative health updates are a great way to expand your clinical tool kit from your home or office. Look for short mid-day Integrative Health Updates scheduled throughout the week as well as our regular Tuesday evening webinar presentations. Online Events are taught by DesBio Medical Educators as well as DesBio Practitioners throughout the country.

Register for our Upcoming Mitochondrial Health Webinar August 18

Register for our Upcoming Hormones: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Webinar August 20

Register for our Upcoming Where Are We Now? Updates on the Coronavirus and Patient Health this Fall August 27


Upcoming DesBio Seminars

DesBio provides a variety of one-day conferences and multi-day symposia for licensed and/or certified healthcare practitioners. Experienced clinicians from around the country discuss diagnostic strategies, case studies, and break-through support protocols; providing you with a practical approach you can take home to your practice.

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