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Webinar: What’s On My Shelf?

March 5 @ 6:30 pm (MDT) - 8:30 pm (MDT)

This upcoming webinar features five diverse and experienced practitioners as they discuss how they have successfully integrated DesBio products into their busy clinics.

These practitioners will explain which DesBio products they use in their practice and why, including Liposomal D3-K3, Motivation, Smart Silver, Motil-Ease, HerX, Hormone Combination, and many more! They will examine what they like about the product, how often and for what conditions they recommend the product, and clinical pearls or insights regarding their experience recommending the product to their patients.

This webinar will cover:

  • The best go-to products for any patient to get started, including general wellness support, immune support, and detoxification
  •  Each practitioner’s clinical indications for when to use certain formulas and why
  • Patient success stories and clinical feedback

Meet the speakers:

  • Jeff Thomas, ND, uses an integrated a multi-disciplinary approach to individualized, patient-centered, patient-focused healthcare.  He practices out of Northwest Welness using various modalities that include botanical medicine, physical medicine, intravenous therapies, counseling, dietary interventions, mind-body wellness, and personalized genetics.
  • Patty Barber, ND, PSc.D, ADHP, practices out of Endicott, NY where she utilizes a combination of therapies to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit with patients in her practice both locally and virtually all across the country.
  • Jeanie Grace, L.Ac., A.P., Ph.D., combines acupuncture, botanicals, homeopathy, along with nutrition and dietary guidance in her integrative medical office. Other therapies include a FAR infrared sauna to enhance her detoxification and weight loss programs, and optional meditation and qigong classes to empower her patients to take part in their own recovery.
  • Martha Whitney, ND, MH, Dip.H.Ir., is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, Homeopathic Electrodermal Screening Technician, Master Herbalist, Wholistic Iridologist, CNHP, and Colon Hydrotherapist. She has been trained in several touch and emotional modalities. She is also the owner of Health In Hand Inc., which serves clientele in North Alabama.
  • Paul E. Robbins BD, AD, has extensive training in Biofeedback Scanning (BD) and Auricular Therapy Medicine (AD). He uses these for physical, emotional and energetic healing. He has trained with the Up ledger Institute in Cranial Sacral and has extensive experience in homeopathy. Dr. Robbins likes to work closely with his patients to find root causes and blends the alternative modalities with clients participation when helping them achieve their goals.


March 5
6:30 pm (MDT) - 8:30 pm (MDT)


Rahma Abdillah