A Boost for Mood, Energy and Immunity: NEW! Liposomal Restore


Are your patients looking for a way out of a fatigue filled funk, depressed state or recurrent infections? Consider Liposomal Restore, our new product that offers replenishment of essential B-vitamin co-factors and vitamin C in a liposomal delivery system. These essential nutrients may perform many critical roles in the body for supporting the neurological system, mitochondrial health, and energy metabolism.

Liposomal Restore is an oral formula with ingredients specifically designed to mimic the intravenous Myers cocktail. Now your patients can receive these essential nutrients via a convenient oral dose without having to leave their own home.

Ingredients found in Liposomal Restore have been found to be effective against:

– ​Dehydration
– Feelings of tension or pain in the head and neck
– Fatigue
– Impaired nutrient absorption
– Mitochondrial dysfunction
– Temporary muscle and joint discomfort
– Sensitivities to foods or airborne substances